Many of you have asked where the inspiration for the #gettingrightonmy Tees came from. Well here it is or should I say whom. I’m fortunate enough to have shared a childhood with this amazing lady. Blessed to be able to call this warrior my friend and I am in absolute awe of her each and every day.


Donna’s Story…

Well my good lifelong friend has suggested I write a short blog about my recent exercise experiences whilst dealing with breast cancer
It`s difficult to put into a `few` words what I`ve been through and what has changed our lives forever – I say OUR lives because I know this affects all those who love me as well
Almost two years ago in late September I received the dreaded news that I had BC. I found a lump in my breast whilst checking myself in the shower but just assumed it was a cyst (or at least just hoped) but I went to get it checked out, because as much as you fear the worst there is always a chance if it`s diagnosed in time. I was sent for mammograms / invasive biopsies / blood tests etc….. and at the end of it all sit down with the surgeon and have the worst conversation of our lives.
I had to have a single mastectomy very quickly after diagnosis as it was an aggressive strain of BC – Surgery was on October 28th and I really don’t remember how I felt during this time as it was all a blur. I needed to get back to work for my own peace of mind and some normality so 2 weeks later I made the daunting trip in. I was more concerned about the way everyone else would feel , I just wanted to be back to normal !
My sessions of Chemotherapy started on 23rd December ( Happy Xmas lol ) and the 16 sessions lasted until July during which the inevitable happened and my hair fell out – but I embraced the look , polished my head and came out in solidarity with my already balding husband. One of the reasons I agreed to write this is to explain how my training was my mental crutch throughout this period and to inspire others to believe it is never too late to take up any form of training (both for your physical and mental well being) – I got up most mornings throughout the Chemo to train as hard as I could as this also gave me a purpose to leave the house as I was off work throughout this whole period. I got to meet up with my gym friends, keep my body and mind as fit as possible as depression was but a whisker away. Don`t get me wrong some days I was absolutely shattered but I pushed myself because I knew that getting up to do the classes would set me up for the day and keep me positive but most importantly give me the strength to fight – Anyway I could always grab a nap in the afternoon, have you watched daytime TV, shocking !!
I also tried to keep a focus on achieving goals so through this period I have trained to take part in events such as Rough Runner in Oct (4 days prior to surgery) / Total Warrior in Aug (after finishing Chemo in July) / Salford 10k (during Chemo) and then this year has seen bike rides take over – Manchester to Blackpool, July and Manchester 100, September.
So my advice to you Ladies is even though it`s sometimes very difficult to get / stay active I always try and remind myself of the feelings afterward and there are fewer better natural highs. Being active is great for the body and the mind and you get to meet some amazing people along the way.
One final thing please ALWAYS check them Babylons Ladies – Thanks for reading and hope to meet you all soon.

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