How to become a Solemother

First of all you need to decide whether you want to join an existing group or whether you want to bring this awesome new movement to your neck of the woods.

If you want to join an existing group you will need to follow some simple guidelines to be welcomed with open arms. Firstly you will need to contact the group, introduce yourself and then follow the same rules as you would with online dating! Get to know each other, take a friend and never meet for the first time in a secluded spot! You may feel nervous but it is totally worth it. If you are really shy then you could always contact me and I’ll help with the introductions. But be warned….I’m as subtle as a brick!

If you want to bring the Solemother party to your neighbourhood all you need to do is register, set up a group and build your army.

Getting active, staying safe and being social - The Rules!

At the Solemothership we only have 3 rules:

Solemother selfies
  • No one gets ‘Stood up’

    …unless your head is hanging off you must turn up or give enough notice so no one is left waiting. SAFETY FIRST
  • NO ONE flies solo (between dusk and dawn)

    …Solemothers is built around being safe and social
  • Selfies must be posted on every outing (filters are allowed)

    …this is to show how much fun we’re having, inspire other Solemothers and to help everyone make friends

Need to know more or are you ready to go?

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