How to become a Solemother

It couldn’t be easier,  join the group on Facebook in the ‘Solemother Hood’…you are now a Solemother. However, you now have a couple of options;

  1. Lurk in the background observing what this community of amazingly supportive women are up to before outing yourself with your first post!
  2. Throw yourself right in there! Introduce yourself and proclaim your goals to the Hood.

Both are perfectly acceptable because basically do what you are comfortable with.

We celebrate everything and everyone. It’s about being active YOUR WAY. Yes, lots of them run but we are NOT a running group! Whatever works for you, we want you to share it!

You may notice that there are sub groups (groups of women that meet in the real world) where lots of people seem to know each other. These have evolved as people have realised there are other Solemothers in their area that have then organised themselves to meet and motivate each other. Just get in touch if you feel your area now needs a sub group.

Getting active, staying safe and being social - The Rules!

At the Solemothership we only have 3 rules:

Solemother selfies
  • No one gets ‘Stood up’

    …unless your head is hanging off you must turn up or give enough notice so no one is left waiting. SAFETY FIRST
  • NO ONE flies solo (between dusk and dawn)

    …Solemothers is built around being safe and social
  • Selfies must be posted on every outing (filters are allowed)

    …this is to show how much fun we’re having, inspire other Solemothers and to help everyone make friends

Need to know more or are you ready to go?

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