So last night we made the exciting announcement that Ellen Bashforth (AKA Bashers) of ‘Fit for Life’ is coming aboard the Solemothership. In the last post we learnt a little bit about Bashers journey. In this post you can find out where she is at now. I’m lucky that Ellen happens to live near me but even if you are not a Manchester Solemother she will be supporting Solemothers through our online community, blogs, question and answer sessions and will even ‘Go live!’

Hi, I’m Ellen- a Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach based in Urmston & Sale. I am passionate about health, fitness and nutrition in 2015 I made the decision to make my passion a career and successfully completed my qualifications in Personal Training and Advanced Nutrition.
I worked as a social worker for some years before opening my own restaurant business, and although quite different areas of work what they both have in common is working directly with people. I am driven by working with people to help them to achieve positive change and make those real differences in their lives. Often we know the changes that we want to make in our life, but cannot always do it alone.
Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. I am a firm believer that you need a good balance of both to be successful in reaching your health and fitness goals. Although I think exercise is an essential component of everyday life, I like to have FUN! I believe that variety is a good thing and having a positive frame of mind will always help you in achieving your goals!
My passion, experience and values are based in my belief that it is the longer term lifestyle changes that are more likely to be successful in helping to sustain a healthy, balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, and that is where I can support you ladies!
I am really excited to be joining the Solemother community –it’s a real honour to become a part of a group that for me is simply inspirational! So many fantastic achievements, support and solidarity amongst women in their local communities! Amazing!
I offer Personal Training & Nutrition Packages –please head over to my website if you want to find out more about what I have to offer!!
I have recently started a super fun Circuit Training class on Wednesday mornings in the Urmston community too- FIT HIIT!…

Follow me on Facebook and Insta: @fitforlifeptbashers


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