Solemother selfies

Set up your profile including what activities you are most interested in , pop a photo on (this always helps when getting to know each other), join or create a group and add friends. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Instagram @solemotheruk

Next have a go at creating a ‘Rendez vous’,  attend your event, post a selfie on the site and insta (adding the #solemother) and watch your group grow. Any problems….just let me know!!

If you are the most ‘on point’ Solemother in your neighbourhood then YOU Solemother are a Trail Blazer that will be forever known as ‘The Solemothership’ in your neck of the words. I’m not even exaggerating!

Our ‘School run’ is now awash with Solemothers that know each other but could have spent the next seven years frantically passing each other in the rush. How sad a world without Solemother would be ( you don’t have to be a Mummy btw just have girl bits).


The Solemotherhood awaits!

You may know a few Solemothers,  you may know none but soon you will reap the benefits of being able to…

  1. Get Active when and where suits you
  2. Keep safe by meeting in numbers
  3. Strengthen or make new friendships in your local area
  4. Make connections with fellow Solemothers when away from home
  5. Not waste money on gym a membership that doesn’t suit your lifestyle

Welcome. You will never look back.

‘The speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward’.


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