• ‘A Strong Woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.

    Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter…

    A Strong Woman is both soft and powerful.

    She is both practical and spiritual…


  • Hi Ladies ,

    I’m over the moon that you thought of me for Solemother of the month .What an amazing journey I have had so far.

    Why did I joined Solemothers?

    Easy question to answer. I heard there were an

  • I’m so proud to say that I know this Solemother personally and have seen first hand what courage, strength and bravery looks like. Hayley was not only nominated by Solemothers that know her: but also by

  • Well it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce our very first Overseas Solemother of the month. Helen is allllll the way down under and what a Sheila she is!!! With no chance of hooking up with any of the UK

  • Very moved to be nominated – Thank you lovely SM’s.

    When I was 11 years old I got an illness called Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome’ also known as M.E. I spent 2.5 years of my life unable to walk without the aid

  • Our Solemothers have spoken and her she is. October’s Solemother is the totally awesome Fiona…

    I couldn’t believe it when Grace told me I had been nominated for sole mother of the month. I mean how can that b

  • The one and only TRAYONCE (nicknamed after her awesome Boomerang moves) is our Solemother of the Month. Tracey has been with us from the beginning and her fellow Solemothers love and respect her for so many

  • This has to be one of my favourite things about Solemother. Each month we ask Solemothers to nominate one of their own to be named Solemother of the month. There are no prizes or rewards but whenever I inform

  • As Solemother has grown and Solemothers have had time to watch and share each others journeys I felt that it was time to hand  ‘Solemother of the month’ selection over to the group. The Solemother family now

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