solemothers together

It’s not difficult it’s just different. I promise!!!

Step 1- Go to your profile or to a group. Select ‘Rendez Vous’ Click ‘new Rendez vous’

Step 2- Complete the ‘What?’ section and add information about where you wish to meet and any additional information in the ‘description’ box. For example 6k run meeting at School gates.

TOP TIP- you MUST use 24hr clock for the duration or it won’t let you complete the RV. So one hour would be 01:00

Step 3 – Complete the ‘When?’ tab, select a date and the time options will pop up. You don’t have to to input 3 time options but if you do it could increase your chances of a hook up. For example  19:45, 20:00 or 20:15 but if you could express your preference in the description box in the ‘What?’ section.

TOP TIP- You MUST use the 24 hr clock or it won’t let you complete the RV

Step 4- ‘Who?’ Be kind and inclusive and invite as many Solemothers as possible. It will improve your chances of hooking up with a fellow Solemother. You can type in their usernames or click directly on their little tab.

Step 5-Click ‘Save Rendezvous’ This will then take you to the and Edit page for you to double check. When happy click ‘Publish RV’.

Step 6-Click on the time that best suits you and click ‘Save preferences’.

Step 7- Await responses by checking back into your profile notifications or email. Once you have a buddy and agreed a time ‘Set the date’.

Step 8- Enjoy getting active whilst keeping safe and being social

Any questions just get in touch.




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