Here she is! The Solemother that helps me battle the myth that Solemother is just about running! It’s just about being active. Whatever shape or form that comes in, it all counts!! Sarah has absolutely nailed her training and has recently cycled 170 miles completing the ‘Way of the roses’. We all watched on in awe as she tackled this challenge to raise funds and awareness for a charity close to her heart. She has contributed so much to our community and deserves a well earned rest! Sarah your positivity, determination and strength along your journey was a pleasure to follow. You received LOTS of nominations this month!!!!

I’ve been struggling to think what to write for this since I read Grace’s message letting me know that I’d been selected. I love belonging to the Solemother Gang, but still sometimes feel like a gatecrasher because (especially recently) instead of running with other Solemothers I go off cycling on my own. I have been in training though!?

Anyway, having not run for at least 10 years, last summer, mainly due to very limited opportunities to exercise, I decided to do couch to 5k and eventually completed it in October time, by which time a couple of Solemothers who I was already friends with had got me out on a couple of group runs, including one that turned out to be 7k! I was then persuaded to take up a last minute place to do the Yule Yomp (10k) in Tatton Park, which was great fun, even though my face was as red as the santa suits by the end.

Since then I’ve done a few park runs and the Manchester 10k, mainly with other Solemothers who encourage and support and keep me going. I’ve made new friends, got to know older friends better and absolutely love the positivity and fun in this gang. I was worried that somehow I wouldn’t fit in but that has definitely not been the case and I hope that as well as continuing my running – next challenge is a sub 30 5k, I can be as supportive and encouraging for others as many of you have been for me.

Thank you.


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