It’s the last one of the year but this will come as no surprise to any of our Solemothers that December’s Solemother of the month is the Awesome Sarah! We have all watched Sarah’s journey in awe as she has progressed from the Couch to 5k programme and onto her first Half Marathon! When I messaged Sarah to ask her to be our Solemother of the month it was a while before I was able to prise any response from her. Why? Because like most Sarah struggles to recognise how amazing she is and Sarah would be the last one to shout about her unbelievable achievements.  Well I will….Sarah’s determination never falters. EVER. We watch in awe as come rain or shine she gets out there. Sarah has grit in the bucket loads and has been an inspiration to us all. In fact, watching Sarah’s journey made me sign up for a Half too (I’ll get her back for that)!

As Sarah (like most) does find it a bit tricky to talk about herself I gave her some questions to answer. Here’s what she had to say…

1.Why did you join Solemother?

I joined to run more regularly and to up my distance.

2. What do you love about Solemother?

You really do feel like part of a family, the encouragement and support you get is amazing, and the tips you pick up along the way really do help..nothing better than spotting a fellow Solemother when out.

3. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

It has to be the Manchester Half Marathon. I loved every minute, smiles all the way round, seeing Solemothers at Mile 9 and at the end was amazing too.

4. What is your favourite bit of kit and why?

My Buff, starts off round my neck and ends up around my end. I even wear it sat at my desk to keep my neck warm. I can’t wait to get my Solemother one.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on the Couch to 5k like you did?

Keep going, it’s tough at the start but it gets easier. Run with others as the support is invaluable…and don’t get hung up on times.

‘Running isn’t about the time you do it but about the time you have while doing it’ (stolen from my Favourite book)

6. What is your running anthem?

I have a real mix, start off with, move onto Olly Murrs, Killers then a Kate Bush Finale. It’s rare that I listen to music whilst running now though as I mainly enjoy the peace.

7. What are your future Goals?

I have a couple of 10k’s and 2 half marathons booked in for next year….Paris 2019 is calling me!

Sarah your Journey has been EPIC and it is only the beginning!


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