Hi Ladies ,

I’m over the moon that you thought of me for Solemother of the month .What an amazing journey I have had so far.

Why did I joined Solemothers?

Easy question to answer. I heard there were an amazing group of women out in Urmston doing amazing things , and obviously I wanted to be part of it.
I quickly realised though that this was more than just a running group , this is a community with friendships, loyalty, massive support & encouragement, which in turn brings you confidence & beleif that you can achieve .

I joined last year , I didn’t do the c25 programme as I ran on my own for many years ( but not a massive distance) so if you had told me last year I would be confident enough to sign up for the half marathon in 2019 I would have told you to “jog on” , we all have our own running journeys weather it’s 5k 10k or further, every one is an achievement, because we’re doing it , were taking the steps & we are out being active.

There is nothing better than being around like minded people, ladies who get you out on a cold wet January evening , ladies who get their husbands to set up tents in the rain, ladies who walk their families up Rivington Pike and nearly get blown of the top.

I didnt realise how much of a second family you would all become and look forward to making more memories in the future . ❤️❤️


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