I am not the only one who has watched this awesome Solemothers journey in awe. I don’t think I can put it better than Claire herself but what I will add is that this Solemother is a machine!! Come rain or shine she gets it done. Smashing her goals like a pro. There is absolutely no stopping this lady. She went from Couch to 10k in just over 3 months!! A true inspiration to us all. Awesome achievement, over to Claire…

Last summer I was invited to the Solemother Facebook page and for a few months I sat on the couch in awe of friends getting fit and active whilst I continued to comfort eat and increase in size and tiredness. I’ve never really been one for fitness even as a teenager, faking asthma to get out of PE! In August last year I got myself a new pair of trainers (1st pair in years) and procrastinated from the sofa about starting my C25K but it wasn’t until September last year that gentle encouragement from supportive Solemothers got me off that sofa on my journey from couch to 5K. I’ll never forget the 1st evening being out of breath running for a minute and thinking how will I ever run 5K? Fast forward a few weeks and we were cheering after we completed our first 3 minute continuous run! I progressed in fitness each week with the supportive encouragement of fellow Solemothers joining me on wet and cold Sunday mornings to keep me going and achieved my 2017 goal of running 10k non stop in December. Being part of Solemothers has not only improved my fitness, I have quite a stressful job and getting active has helped me clear headspace, allow time for myself and enjoy the chat and social aspect of meeting new friends with a shared interest – making time for themselves! I’m really looking forward to setting new goals in 2018, getting my hands on some shiny medals and getting involved in some Solemother Staggers!! Finally I’d like to thank Sarah D, Nicola N and Grace for their support in helping me get my butt moving and giving me a new lease of life.



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