Apologies for posting this early but firstly I couldn’t wait and secondly I may be a little tender on January 1st 2018!

Founding Solemother has brought so many unexpected things into my life. One of which is this lady! I first met Wendy when she sold me a cabin bed for my youngest on a local Buy and sell group. How we had never crossed before is beyond us but very early on I flung Wendy an invite to the group which she took with both hands and literally ran with it.

Anyway it is no secret to any Solemother that I had an immediate girl crush on this amazingly strong, resilient woman. Her positivity, strength and sense of humour is infectious and a run with Wendy brings clarity, sunshine and happiness into your day.

Towards the end of November I asked Wendy what her health and fitness goal for the end of the year was. Wendy said ’10k by the end of 2017′.  We joked early December and said ‘ well I think we can kiss that Goodbye’…….roll on a couple of weeks (with a belly full of burger that had been consumed an hour earlier) Wendy boxed off 10k!!!!! BOOM!

Wendy is the personification of Solemother. She is strong, resilient, supportive, funny, loving, caring and we all love her. 2018 will be her year so it only seems right that she starts it as Solemother of the Month – January 2018. Over to Wendy….

In January 2017 I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes at a time . It was the deepest darkest winter – I had just surfaced from a typical Christmas of chocolate, Baileys and Turkey . I was out of shape and hating the winter Months . And to be honest I had a bit of cabin fever being a loving Mother of 2 kids who , on an average day, did nothing more than work, cook, clean and put other people before myself – like mums often do . I had a healthy circle of friends but on an average day didn’t get to see them as I was too busy juggling the family life . Some Mum friends from school had recently started a running group . I thought ‘why the hell not what’s to lose?’ and took the first scarey steps out in a cold winters evening to start the couch to 5k with a small group of very supportive ladies who encouraged me and congratulated me for doing it. It was wonderful being around positive supportive women who made space for themselves as well as caring for their kids and often their careers too. Strong independent women at their best . Women supporting women – the magic formula . And it only took 45 mins out of the day at a time that suited me and the family . And so much cheaper than the gym ! As well as being fun meeting new people , The early days were difficult – out in the cold dark evenings …but over the weeks I realised I could now run further and further and with 5-6 weeks I was running 5k Around 3 Times a week . As the winter turned to spring I noticed my body getting firmer and the weight reducing … my asthma improved and at my annual check up the doctor told me my cholesterol had reduced . As of December 2017, because of solemothers, I can now run 10k in just over an hour and feel so much healthier in mind and body and so much more confident in myself. 2017 has been extremely challenging for me personally and without going into it too much, I find my personal circumstances changing – I can safely say that without the wonderful supportive community of friends and fellow runners I have found in Solemothers , I do not know how I would have got through 2017 in one piece . On the hardest days I would just turn up and say ‘ I can’t talk about it just run’ and that’s what we did . On the good days I would laugh and listen to others stories as we ran . Thank you to my wonderful Solemother family for being good friends, listeners and runners and I can’t wait for 2018 and all that it will bring Xxxxxx


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