As Solemother has grown and Solemothers have had time to watch and share each others journeys I felt that it was time to hand  ‘Solemother of the month’ selection over to the group. The Solemother family now nominates Solemothers that they believe deserve the title. This awesome Solemother received several nominations and here are just a couple snippets of what they said…

‘It’s been fab to see her work through the Couch to 5 K and smash it, include her girlies in her fitness, even smashing it with a hang over…legend!’

‘She’s an inspiration. Never giving up and always looks so glam doing it!’

‘An inspiration to us all. She has been so determined to reach her 5K goal.’

It is with great pleasure that I announce Laura as our July ‘Solemother of the month’.

Over to Laura…

It’s taken me a while to think about what to write when Grace told me I’d been chosen to be solemother of the month, I felt really emotional about it, mainly because anything to do with achieving things in running makes me a bit emotional as it’s something I thought I could never do.

I was always the girl who hated running even at school and that has never changed until the grand old age of 39! My journey has been a long one, I think I’ve started and not finished the c25 3 if not 4 times because running the 20 minutes at week five seemed impossible. I thought I was reasonably fit because I went to the gym fairly often but running made me realise I wasn’t, I can remember my heart rate being about 140 when I started running during excercise and I tend to hover around 105 now so it’s done my health the world of good.

At the start I couldn’t run for two minutes, despite Grace’s best efforts! But I never felt stupid or like a burden even though so many people were better than me! Everyone waited and someone always ran with me even though I was the back marker and made me feel that was ok. VERY slowly my confidence and running ability built and I finally completed the c25 this month and have run a few 5ks since, which still seems weird to say.

I love solemother because it’s a fantastic supportive group of women, who helped me achieve something I thought wasn’t possible. I’ve met new friends along the way and got to know old friends better whilst running around the streets of Urmston! I always try to make sure if we have a newbie they feel the same welcome I did when I joined and are made to feel whatever your ability someone will run with you and support you because that’s what we solemothers do ?.

Thank you Grace and all the Solemothers who helped me do this xxx


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