I’m not going to lie I actually had to use my teacher voice with this amazing Solemother of the month. She did what we all do and completely avoided acknowledging how bloomin’ awesome she is! So with a little coercion she did add a few bits and I will hand over to her shortly but these are the bits she missed…

Danielle you have been completed self motivated and driven to achieve your goals. You have been out in ALL weathers and shared your journey in the Solemother Hood, continuing to inspire others. You have grafted to increase your distances and stamina even after  night shifts.

Not only have you inspired your fellow Solemothers but you have also encouraged your family to take positive steps forward too.

Danielle you are strong, determined, inspiring and beautiful.

So now I’ll pass you over to the Solemother herself!


Wow solemother of the month! Saying that feels amazing!!

I started my running journey in Jan 2018. A drunken Christmas pact with a friend saw me stick to an exercise plan for the first time I think ever!!

Even when she quit 4 weeks in I carried on solo.

I was beginning to enjoy it, who’d have thought running could be fun?!

I joined solemother after my couch to 5k journey when the lovely Sarah B talked me into it!

Now over a year on I am fitter than I have ever been and LOVE going out for a run. That 35 minutes or so of me time is priceless! Dragging my sister Nicola for the ride is another added bonus too!

Even though I do a lot of solo runs I feel like you are all with me cheering me on and providing inspiration all the time

What a fab girl gang we are! 💖


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