Very moved to be nominated – Thank you lovely SM’s.

When I was 11 years old I got an illness called Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome’ also known as M.E. I spent 2.5 years of my life unable to walk without the aid of a wheel chair or crutches. Not many people know this about me but the fact I spent this time being poorly has shaped me in to the person I am today, giving me my drive and energy for life. No challenge will get in my way!

I had hours of physiotherapy, I had to learn how to walk again and my reflexes and muscles were shot. I was 4 stone at the age of 12 year old. My circulation was so bad my mum had to put me in an ice cold bath to get my circulation to kick in. After having numerous relapses and finally being able to walk unaided – well it was so exhilarating that I took on challenges I’d never have thought of … abseiling down Manchester Town Hall & a Dam (all for charity of course), night school to prove that my time out of school wouldn’t hold me back from achieving in Credit Management and finally running!

In Oct 2015 I started my running journey alone ready to take on my first ever 10k in May 2016. I’ve always loved the gym & hiking but running wasn’t on my radar and I wanted a challenge and so I began training in cold & wet conditions. Despite it being a challenge to get up & out on my own I persisted. Then in April before my 10K I damaged my knee and was advised by a physiotherapist not to run the 10k. At this point I’d raised £410 as sponsorship to a charity close to my heart – Cystic Fibrosis Trust. There was no way I wasn’t doing the 10k!

I iced my knee & rested as best I could, I’ve never felt so nervous in my life but I managed to run the Manchester 10k in 1 hour 13 seconds. I cried when I stepped over the finish line.

During one of those chance conversations during a kids birthday party Grace and I talked about meeting for a run and if we were going to do it that we should drag the other mums along too! By 2017 Solemother was not just a running group, but a place to encourage, support and laugh with other likeminded women.
I’m super proud to have been there from the start watching it thrive!
I’ve since kept up my running, helped get a few people started on the C25K and completed the Heaton Park 10k with my fellow SM’s. My latest achievement was to run the Manchester Half Marathon , raising £650 again for CF. I’m so happy I finished it… let alone in a reasonable time and best of all I ran over the line with Sarah & Grace who’ve been an inspiration whilst I’ve been training – Thanks you ladies.

The social side of this amazing group is just as fabulous, nights out, social run (to the pub) and best of all Camp Crazy this year has meant I’ve met some amazing, supportive ladies who’ve become wonderful friends.

In the midst of all this running I’ve completed my FA level 1 course and now coach football to U5’s in the local area, this group gives you the confidence to do anything & I am proof of this! As the 2nd qualified female coach at my club I feel proud to be a woman.

This group has helped me so much this year, helping me through some tough times with tears, laughter and sweat! Thank you lovely SM’s you all ROCK.

To the newbies – I’m looking forward to sharing your journeys with you in the Hood xx


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