This strong lady has been an inspiration to us all and if you follow us on Insta then you will know about her famous pants too! This Mummy of 3 is looking and feeling AMAZING! There is no stopping this awesome lady and WOW what a journey so far. Here’s what Katie has to say about it…

I have three children 11, 8 and 8, the usual busy mum, work, family…. but found it difficult to attend gym classes or fit in a swim with family life and most of it I didn’t actually enjoy doing!

I joined Solemother in May this year and watched in the background what it was all about! I started to really enjoy seeing everyone’s success and how everyone was so supportive to each other. So on 18th June I downloaded the C25k app and completed Day1 Week1!

I’m an all or nothing type of women so getting started for me was going to be the hardest! I ran for 60 seconds and if someone would have said to me 3 months later you’ll be running 9k and for 66minutes and of laughed my head of (Well I’m not laughing now, I’m very proud of that achievement) !!!

Starting was hard because that little voice in my head saying ‘what if you fail?’ ‘What if you can’t do it?’ ‘What if you look silly?’ But everyone was so supportive and for me running has not just been about physically being able to run it’s been about my head too!

So I’m 5 months on now, I love running, it fits in with my busy lifestyle and it’s something just for me! For just £5 a month fee- I have had lots of encouragement from Solemothers, lots of tips, Bootcamp, running buddies, group challenges, lost 2 stone, dropped two clothes sizes and general feel better physically and mentally in myself. Sometimes I run with music and sometimes I run just to enjoy the view and be present in the ‘hear and now’. Sometimes I run to be sociable and sometimes for alone time! That’s the beauty of SM it can be what ever you want it to be! I would totally recommend Solemothers and have to others, because what’s not to love!

Thank you Solemother x


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