It’s that time again when I get to announce our Solemother of the Month!!! This Solemother contributes so much to the group and has most recently stepped out with a new group of Solemothers starting on their couch to 5k journey. A group of mostly strangers that have bonded, supported and laughed their way to week 5 thanks to her pulling them all together. She totally understands what Solemother is all about and brings an honest and positive to our Solemother family. Linsey we think you are awesome, continue to shine bright Solemother.

When Grace told me I was October’s Solemother of the month I got all giddy and excited and even a little tiny bit emotional!!! So I want to say thank you to whoever nominated me, it really does mean alot to me.

I was introduced to the group by fellow Solemother Katie after I’d been thrown into running by my big brother a few weeks earlier. I’d started running on his advice to help combat my anxiety. You see back then I was enduring the worst years of my life in a very abusive relationship; physically, emotionally, mentally and financially, whilst trying to be the best mother I could and working full time. Home life was miserable, hard and scary 90% of the time so I started getting up at half 5 every other morning for a little run round the block. It gave me control and freedom that I so badly lacked in my life. I found myself loving the time away that I went more and more and for longer too and 5 weeks after starting I did my first 10k event with my brother. It gave me such a sense of pride and achievement that nobody could take away and installed my self worth back that had been drained out of me over the past 10 or so years. It made me stronger and slowly confidence grew back.

Fast forward to today and now I run as a personal challenge to push myself and for the fab social element I have gained most recently. I stopped and started along the way due to childcare, weather or work but I feel I have now found my tribe and my little place in it and feel stronger than ever!
Starting the couch to 5k with my Mccolls ladies has brought my love for running back.
This group really is inspirational and I love seeing all the selfies, reading all the posts and how when one of us is having a rubbish day, we cheer each other up. Thank you Solemother’s -you’re all absolutely awesome!!!!


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