It soon comes round but here is our chance give a shout out to our ‘Solemother of the month’ and here she is! Kate has given so much to the group already and continues to inspire us all. Like most of us Kate juggles work, kids and home life but still found the time to pull us all together for a weekly DIY Bootcamp at the local park. It started with a few ‘victims’ but soon we looked like quite the army. Kate showed up come rain or shine and even got the kids involved. During the light nights and long school holidays Kate helped us all tire the kids out by running ‘Bootscamps’. Not an easy task as some weeks there was a lot of us! Kate is such a positive role model for us all (young and old)and her sense of community spirit is infectious. My girls were the ones asking ‘how many sleeps until bootcamp?’meaning that even when I was lacking in motivation we headed off as a family in our active wear! So I suppose this small recognition is just a chance to thank Kate for all that she has contributed to the Solemother community. She really is awesome. Over to Kate ….

I happened across Solemothers by accident – I was on a mum’s night out from the school and one of the mums mentioned it. I’d not run for a while due to a knee injury, and at that time I was feeling fat (it was post-Christmas) and very stressed due to work, so a local running group sounded right up my street. And honestly, i’s been a god send to me over the last 6 months – it’s enabled me to get out regularly to exercise and clear my head even when it’s dark in the evenings, and had provided me with lots of new running buddies to motivate me!!

I only knew 2 or 3 other members to start with, but through the runs I’ve chatted to some really fantastic people that I’d never really spoken to before (even though we probably passed in the playground every day!) and have established some proper friendships. I love living smack bang in the middle of Solemother central and seeing our girls whizzing about here, there and everywhere.

I’ve been really inspired by seeing other Solemothers progress too. I started running 5 years ago. I was never sporty or fit before; as one of my old colleagues commented after I surprised her by doing my first 10k “The only time we ever used to see you run was to Greggs for a pastie” (true!!). My first ever run was a painful 2 miles round the block, but I got bitten by the running bug & and gradually pushed myself & progressed to a half marathon – something i never thought I’d be able to do and I felt like a bloody super hero afterwards. I wish I’d had Solemothers to support me at that time, and now I really enjoy encouraging others and seeing that sense of achievement in others as they clock up the miles and amaze themselves at what they are capable of.

Bootcamp came about as I thought it would be good to organise something for those who wanted to get fit but couldn’t run. It developed into a real family fitness event as kids started to join in, and i loved doing it. We have currently stopped for winter, but I still get kids stopping me in the playground and telling me they know me from bootcamp ?

I’ve got 2 weeks until my third (and last!) half marathon where I’m hoping to beat my PB. I’ve been out training with Solemothers doing long runs, short runs, fast runs & gentle paces; and having such a range of running buddies literally on my doorstep has been fantastic.

I can’t bear the label “yummy mummy” but I’ll happily take “Bad-ass Solemother” any day of the week!!


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