You could be fooled into thinking that Solemothers only run, jog or walk, but this is not the case. Solemothers like to give anything that involves a go, especially if it involves purchasing some new active wear! Anyway here’s Helen from ‘Bike and train’ to tell us how and why she began to spin more than just the plates of hectic family life…

I first fell in love with Spinning about 7 years ago. I’d been a runner and a cyclist for several years and after taking a tumble whilst out running one day and badly pulling my hamstring I was forced inside to a gym for a bit of rehab training. I saw the Spin bikes in the corner of a gym, there was no class on so I just went and sat on a bike to spin my legs out. About 15 minutes later an instructor approached me and said would I be staying to the class that was starting shortly. We got chatting and he explained what Spinning was all about and how the bike worked so I decided to give it a go!

Even though I was injured and couldn’t join in everything, standing out of the saddle was too painful, I was blown away! Great music, motivational instructor and the 45 minute class flew by! It wasn’t long before I was attending 3 to 4 classes a week and getting stronger and fitter! I was completely addicted! Although I still loved running and cycling outside I never missed a spin class!

That’s why a few years later I found myself attending a Spin instructor training course. There was a lot more to it than I expected and when it came to taking my first class I was very nervous! It was only a 30 minute morning class with a small group of lovely ladies but my heart rate was sky high before I even got on the bike! I made it through that first one and buzzed all the way home. I’ve had lot’s more experience since those early days but still get a little bit nervous just before the class starts. However these days it’s born of excitement and anticipation rather than fear!

If you’ve never attended a Spin® class you really need to give it a go! You don’t need to be a cyclist , you work at your own pace so can always ease back if necessary. It’s fantastic cross training for runners or like me at the time injured runners looking for an alternative training idea. If you arrive a little earlier to a class the instructor can help you with setting up your bike correctly and showing you how everything works. Benefits of Spin® are numerous! Fantastic calorie burn for a start so great for losing weight, helps build leg muscles, strengthens your core and back and an amazing endorphin rush which will have you smiling as your leave the studio!

What are you waiting for? Get on that bike!!!

Helen Farrow

Level 2 Spin®Instructor

Bike & Train


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