So what is Switch?
Switch is a programme that we have put together and trialled with some of our Solemini’s to encourage our small people to switch off, unplug and get out! It aims to have them running for 30 minutes by the end of the 10 week programme.

Don’t take it too seriously. Listen to your Solemini. Do as much as they want to? It has to come from them. No pressure.

The switch programme is just a programme that has worked for us and certainly wasn’t put together by elite athletics backed up by scientific data!!!

Just Solemothers that believe in it and have seen first hand the positive benefits for the Soleminis in our lives.


As well as all of the obvious benefits of keeping fit, strong and healthy it also means that you can have your very own running buddy without the hassle of childcare!

Click on the links below. SWITCH OFF.GET OUT!



How does it work?
It works in just the same way as the ‘Couch to 5K’ programme but it comes with a HUGE amount of bribery! One of the documents attached is a reward chart so that your Solemini can keep track of their progress and count down to whatever treat has been agreed. In our case it was hard cash but others have opted for Solemini Hoodies or new trainers.

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