Founder Grace Lees' journey to launching the Solemother movement

Solemother was created after my husband shattered his ankle into a thousand pieces 3 days before our first family holiday abroad (yes really!). I felt frumpy and was wasting yet another annual gym membership. I just couldn’t find anything that suited me, the gym boring, classes always at the wrong times then came running.

I wasn’t very good and I needed a better sports bra to avoid an unfortunate injury but after chatting to a couple of mums at the school gates they felt the same and wanted to give running a go. I set up a Facebook group and added a few friends and off we went. With the kids in bed and newly bought active wear donned off we went into the winter night. An eclectic bunch of ladies all driven by the desire to live long and healthy lives. Surprisingly (for me) we all loved running together and over time our little group grew from a handful to over 1600 ladies.

I’m enjoying running (purchased a better bra) and I’m fitter than in my twenties which at now over 40 is something of an achievement! But what I love the most is the social aspect, the chat when I’m running (if I can control my breathing), the tomato faced selfies we post at the end of each run, online chat and a cheeky night out or two thrown in for good measure.

It’s not just about running,  that’s just what I do, it’s about being ACTIVE YOUR WAY. It’s a huge mix of ages and abilities but with plenty in common. We’re there to exercise together, support and motivate each other in a safe environment. Oh and I’ve made so many great friends from being a Solemother. For me the journey continues, yours is about to start, lace up those trainers, throw on that active wear and enjoy….

Much love,

Grace x
Grace Lees, Solemothership
Grace Lees, Founder

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