Solemother running together

So many of our ladies started their Solemother journey with this line…..

‘I’d love to but I can’t run’

Solemother isn’t about being able to run it is about being active at any level whether that is walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, the couch to 5k program,  finding a buddy for a class you didn’t want attend on your own or any other kind of activity that takes your fancy!

I’m going to say it again… it isn’t just running. However, so many of our members have found that the power of the group has helped them achieve things that they never thought possible.

So here it is, 5 reasons you should become a Solemother;

  1. You want to live as long as possible so a healthy heart is a good place to start- GET ACTIVE
  2. Becoming a Solemother brings safety in numbers – STAY SAFE
  3. You will make new, fabulous friends in your local community – BE SOCIAL
  4. Being active with friends promotes Physical and Emotional well being
  5. Your subscription WILL make a difference (donations to SANDS- Stillborn and neonatal deaths Charity).

In fact the longer you are with us you will realise that exercise and getting fitter is just the tip of an AWESOME iceberg.


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