On our first outing there was 3 of us. The group now has 168 members. From small acorns and all that!

So if you haven’t got a Solemother group in your local area why don’t you lead the way. If you manage to enlist 10 new Solemothers to your army you will be rewarded!

What are the benefits of being a Solemother?

  1. You can be active at times and days that suit you. Times that fit around bath, bottle, bed and meal times.
  2. There is safety in numbers, which is of particular importance during the Winter months.
  3. By agreeing to a Rendez Vous (The Solemother way to arrange hook ups) it bullies your own mind into making you go regardless of weather or how tired you are. No one likes to let anyone down and you will never regret having got out and active.
  4. You will realise how many lovely Solemothers are out there. People you would have passed in the street or never have spoken to on the playground possibly because they have boys and you have girls and you haven’t attended the same birthday parties.
  5. The feeling of belonging that you get from being surrounded by women just like you. Normal people winging their way through life and being honest about it.
  6. You gain a local support network.
  7. This one will sound cheesy but I have made so many very special friendships. It would appear that no topic is out of bounds whilst out being active. I have learnt a lot!!!!
  8. It is also fantastic for your well being. Getting out and active with other Solemothers kicks those endorphin’s right into gear.

If any of these take your fancy then sign up. If you want to start a group then get in touch there are perks for those willing to lead the way.

We also believe in paying it forward so 10% of your monthly subscription goes to SANDs (Stillborn and neonatal deaths charity).


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